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Mexican Connexion has agreement with FedEx
to significantly lower shipping costs to the US...
Shipping from Mexico is significantly more costly than within the United States. At Mexican Connexion, we are conscious of that fact. So we have an agreement with FedEx to provide the lowest shipping costs to the United States. Thus, our customers will be able to get the very best Mexican sinks at the lowest cost available outside of Mexico.

For orders going to the United States are routinely shipped as a part of one of our bulk shipments. Because of our agreement with FedEx Ground, the average cost will now be $18.50-22.50 per sink to anywhere within the continental United States. Sometimes two sinks can be shipped together for a cost of approximately $22-27 total, but this does not apply to large drop-in or vessel sinks.
Larger orders are normally shipped individually by common carrier to achieve the most economical shipping costs possible. How much the cost per sink is reduced depends on the total quantity of sinksordered.
Express shipment is available but is significantly more expensive than other forms of shipping.

Shipping costs, including packing and handling, are based on the method of shipment utilized, and the total weight of the order (actual and volumetric weight), including the weight of packing and shipping materials. All customers are charged only the actual costs incurred to pack and ship each order. And we do our very best to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

A detailed estimate of the costs for shipping and handling each order will be provided upon request.

Shipping costs to countries other than the United States vary according to destination. The cost of shipping will be determined at the time of order.

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